Servicing & Repairs

We are a Cytech accredited workshop and a member of the Association of Cycle Traders, so you can be sure we will look after your bike as if it was our own. We are qualified and equipped to perform all types of work from a simple pedal swap, to a complete strip down and rebuild.

Service Menu

PLATINUM Service – £150

Okay, we are the first to admit that for most bikes/owners, our flagship service is overkill! In addition to everything in the GOLD Service, we strip your bike down to the bare frame before painstakingly rebuilding and re-greasing all components and finishing with a Miracle Shine polish.

GOLD Service – £80

By far our most popular service. Everything in the SILVER Service plus we will adjust the spoke tension on both wheels to prolong their life and increase braking effectiveness. We will also remove your wheels and give them and the rest of your bike a good clean in our in-store Bike Spa.

SILVER Service – £50

Setting up gears and cable operated rim/disc brakes within the constraints of existing component wear and wheel trueness. Quick frame wipe down.

NB This Service does not include labour for replacing any parts necessary to get your bike working at its best. If any parts (e.g. cables, brake blocks etc.) need replacing then the GOLD Service will be the cheapest option. And you have a clean bike!

Safety Check – £20

One of our mechanics will spend 15-20 minutes checking over your bike for any safety issues. This isn’t enough time to do proper gear and brake servcing but includes torquing all accessable bolts, inflating tires to the correct pressure, lubricating the chain, and any other useful “tweaks” they can get done during the time.

Repairs Menu


Fit new inner tube/tyre • £10
Fit new tube/tyre on hub gear wheel from • £15
Wheel true & spoke replacement • £25
Wheel true w/o spoke replacement • £15
Hub service • £20


Fit new bar tape • £10
Fit new handlebar grips • £5
Fit new headset/fork • £25
Fit new stem • £5


Gear Service • £25
Fit cassette/freewheel • £10
Fit bottom bracket • £25
Fit chainset £25
Fit chain • £10
Brake Service (front & rear) • £20
Brake Service (front or rear) • £10
Hydraulic brake bleed (per end including fluid) • £25


Minimum service charge • £5
Fit full-length mudguards • £20
Fit other accessories from • £5
Build a new bike from • £50 (FREE if bought through us)
Build new bike from components – starting from • £120
Written insurance quote • £30

Important Information

  1. If there is any service you require that is not included on this list please contact us for a no-obligation quote.
  2. All components and accessories to be replaced during the course of a service will be disposed of unless specifically requested at the time of booking.
  3. Our space is limited. Please arrange to collect your bike promptly after your service is complete. Flag Bikes reserves the right to charge a storage fee of £2 per day for bikes left in the workshop for an excessive amount of time.
  4. If a bike remains uncollected for longer than 2 months, it will be given to charity or disposed of.