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by Zipp
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The VukaClip is all about providing the ultimate in fit, security and adjustability for you to be faster and more efficient in your triathlon or time-trial aero position at an affordable price. Redesigned to be easier to set up and adjust. The VukaClip is available with an above-bar or below-bar mounting system for achieving an optimized aero position. The VukaClip also has a large redesigned armrest to reduce pressure points and increase comfort. The VukaClip is made with the industry standard 22.2mm clamp diameter for maximum versatility, making it compatible with Vuka Alumina extensions, the Vuka Carbon Extensions as well as most extensions on the market. The Vuka Clip includes with Vuka Alumina Evo 110 extension, Vuka Alumina Evo 70 extension, Vuka Alumina Race extension, Vuka Carbon Evo 110 extension, Vuka Carbon Evo 70 extension, Vuka Carbon Evo 110 extension and Vuka Carbon Race extension. The Vuka Clip above bar mount also now features armrest angle wedges to allow you to find the right position for your arm on the bar.


  • Fit, security and adjustability
  • Above-bar or below-bar mounting system
  • Compatible with most extensions

Material (HB): AL-2014
Bar clamp diameter: n/a
Extension clamp diam: n/a
Shifter fitment: n/a
Length: 5mm, 10mm, 25mm, 50mm
Internal cable routing: n/a