Zipp 858 Nsw Carbon Clincher Rim Brake 700C Front 18Spokes Quick Release Impress Graphics A1: Black 700C


With the introduction of the radical biomimicry-derived 454 NSW Carbon Clincher, Zipp proved that aero efficiency and crosswind stability are not mutually exclusive aero wheel design goals. Using a similar Sawtooth rim design, the 858 NSW wheelset goes 24 millimetres deeper than the 454 and delivers even greater gains in aero efficiency while providing a level of rider control in crosswinds that was previously unthinkable with conventional deep-section wheel designs. By eliminating concerns over control, the 858 NSW ushers in a new era where aerodynamically efficient deep-section wheels are no longer a race-day-only option—they’re everyday wheels. Adding to the 858’s versatility, its lightweight and laterally stiff rim imparts a level of responsiveness previously only attributed to much shallower wheels, keeping bike handling lively and quick. The 858 delivers the best braking available thanks to our NSW-exclusive Showstopper brake track found on the rim brake version of the 858 NSW. Designed for road or triathlon applications, the 858 NSW’s advanced aero efficiency, crosswind stability, responsive handling, and unrivalled braking are engineered to make what was once impossible… possible.

Sawtooth™ rim with Hyperfoil™ nodes
Rim depth of 77/82mm
Cognition™ hubset
Axial Clutch™ technology
ImPress™ graphics
HexFin™ ABLC dimple pattern
Handcrafted in the USA

Showstopper™ technology delivers greater stopping power in wet conditions than any carbon wheel ever produced.
858 NSW rolls efficiently whether you are pedalling or coasting. Our Axial Clutch technology allows the freehub’s ratcheting mechanism to deliver half the mechanical drag of conventional three-pawl hubs.
The patented biomimetic 77/82mm-deep rim shape simultaneously reduces both aerodynamic drag and side force for the ultimate in AeroBalance.

Size (wheels): 700c
Rim construction: Carbon
Rim - inside width: 17mm
Compat - Tire : Clincher Tube
Brake compatibility: Rim
Cassette Compatibility: Campagnolo, n/a, SRAM/Shimano Road
Axle type (Wheels): QR 100 Caps (dia. 15mm), QR 130
Colour (Decal): Impress
Driver Mechanism: Axial Clutch, n/a
Spoke count: 18, 24
Spoke type: CX-Ray - Black
Bearings: Cartridge - Stainless Steel
Nipple material: Aluminium
Rim finish: UD fiber, Impress technology
Rim section: Asymmetrical, Symmetrical
Spoke pattern: 2 Cross, Radial