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Schwalbe Racing Ray Addix SpeedGrip Folding TLE

Original price £53.99 - Original price £58.99
Original price
£53.99 - £58.99
Current price £58.99
As a thoroughbred front tyre, the Racing Ray ensures precise steering response, reliable conering and confidence-inspiring grip right up to the limit. At the same time it allows for strong, controlled braking under all conditions. the stable, barely deformable shoulder blocks support a direct riding style even during extreme cornering.

Despite its aggressive tread, it rolls surprisingly smoothly, quickly and quietly - on its near-closed centre strip of offset centre blocks. With its many lengthwise gripping edges, the tyre constantly strikes the right balance between low friction and grip. It's a tyre that should never be underestimated, no matter the angle or speed at which you ride. The transition blocks between the should and centre enable a continous gripping edge. The overall open tread pattern ensures great self-cleaning. The Racing Ray is equipped only with the Addix SpeedGrip compound - for optimum grip, speed and durability required of a front wheel.


* Specific front wheel tyre profile
* Compound ADDIX SpeedGrip
* Tubeless Easy (TLE) fitting
* Folding Tyre Bead
* Light but tough Snakeskin sidewalls