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Schwalbe Marathon Plus Wheelchair

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The Flatless tyre for wheelchairs.

The Marathon has become the absolute benchmark for puncture-resistant pneumatic tyres on wheelchairs. The Smart Guard protection belt is made from a proportion of recycled natural rubber.
The anti-aging sidewall construction can withstand typical overloading caused by low inflation pressure for much longer.

Note: Use a pressure gauge to adjust tyre pressures as the common thumb check is not sufficient with the Marathon Plus because of the special construction.


* SmartGuardᆴ; The safest puncture belt for bicycle tyres. Unbeatable for more than 15 years, it has proved itself time and time again. Only tyres with SmartGuard are real flat-less tyres.
* Unplattbar: Most effective protection belt available for bicycle tyres. A substantial, 5mm thick layer of flexible india rubber offers durable protection. Even a thumbtack won't harm it.
* Recycling: Old products made of natural rubber (such as gloves, tubes...) over several procedural steps, are used as base material in the puncture protection system.
* EVO Line The very best possible. Highest grade materials. Latest technology.
* TPI: 67 TPI
* WEIGHT: 470g (22x1.00)

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