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Miche Zero Point Valve Rim Balancing Kit

by Miche
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Balancing system for medium-high profile carbon wheels:

Thanks to Zero Point it is possible to reduce the typical wheels unbalance effect caused by the valve weight: this system is required by all the racers that are looking for high level performances.

Zero Point effect is better appreciated when the speed is going over 40/45kmh, and mainly in the long descents and during braking at high-speed descents.

In addition the comfort is improved: reducing the unbalanced wheel effect, this improvement should be also appreciated by general cyclists.

Factory tests by Fac Michelin Spa have showed that all carbon wheels need to be balanced.

The balancing system is adhesive, and the setting up process is quite easy: Zero Point is applied outside of the rim in the opposite side of the valve, in order to balance the valve weight.

Miche Team is actually using Zero Point in the races and recently also Pro Tour Teams are testing the efficacy of Zero Point: professional racers appreciate the performance and comfort improvement obtained by using balancing.

Balancing Weights: 1 x 6g, 1 x 9g