Genesis Vagabond 2018

Whether you call it Monstercross, Frankenbike or the result of a passionate night between a road and mountain bike, one thing is for sure: the Vagabond is a bike like no other. With a range of gearing that will take you pretty much anywhere, and a set of tyres that can take road, gravel or mud in their stride, the only limit when you’re riding the Vagabond is your imagination. Coming as a complete bike or a beautiful new purple frameset, you can either buy a bike that’ll take you anywhere, or purchase the foundation for your future cycling adventures.

The late, great Steve Worland summed them up nicely as “ the perfect cross-dresser for those long, steady rides that encompass a bit of everything.“ Tourer, commuter, ruffty tuffy road bike, the Vagabond will happily turn it‘s hand to most disciplines with as much as a simple tyre swap.