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Deda Elementi Vinci DCR Shallow Bars

by Deda
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Vinci Shallow is the new shape option of Deda's latest carbon handlebar, designed without compromise for perfect integration with the Vinci stem. The new DCR (Deda Internal Cable Routing) system allows fully internal cable routing inside the handlebar.\n
The Vinci cockpit ideally matches the modern philosophy of racing bikes designed to be aero while still being light and most importantly stiff. The detail and precision that Deda have put into this handlebar is instantly evident when looking at the aero profile and cross section that has been designed to minimize drag and provide an ergonomic grip for any riding style. \n
The handlebar also features Deda's Super Shallow shape for an faster reach on the drops. The handlebar features two removable foils to be compatible with Superzero clip-on bars or any computer mount.\n
**Tech Specs**\n
* Shape: Super Shallow\n
* Material: Carbon UD\n
* Handlebar Dia: 31.7mm\n
* Reach: 75mm\n
* Drop: 125mm\n
* Width: 40/42/44cm\n
* Weight: 225g (42cm)\n
* Notes: Compatible with Campagnolo EPS – Shimano DI2 cable routing, Compatible with full internal cables routing (up to 4 cables);