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Deda Elementi Trentacinque 35 Stem

by Deda
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The Deda Elementi Trentacinque stem and its matching handlebar M35 are the greatest innovation of the last years in the field of road racing bicycle components. Thanks to a larger diameter it creates a much higher level of stiffness for the stem and handlebar, so defining a new benchmark for the market. This higher level of stiffness also means that there is a much less of a riders energy being lost through flexible components. Meaning they can put more power through the bike without worry of lost energy. \n
* Material: 3D forged, alloy 2014\n
* Screws: Titanium\n
* Angle: 82deg\n
* Diameter: 35,0mm\n
* Fork steerer: 1" 1/8\n
* Clamp height: 40mm\n
* Sizes: 90 - 100 - 110 - 120 - 130 - 140mm\n
* Weight: 136g (110mm)\n
* Finish: Black Anodised