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Campagnolo Super Record Thermal Bottle

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The constant research for innovative materials has led to the creation of the Campagnolo Thermal bottle.

Aerogel is the worldムs lightest and best solid insulating material. Its structure with nanopores is a real trap for gas molecules and offers a drastic reduction in heat transmission.
In fact, the lightness and elasticity of Aerogel (composed of 5% solid part and 95% air) have enabled the creation of a compact and flexible thermal flask guaranteeing unmatched thermal performance.


* Lightweight squeezable bottle with unsurpassed thermal performance.
* The Aerogel material is trapped in a panel that wraps around the bottle increasing the thermal performance.
* Leakproof Cap-Membrane Technology. Liquid flows only when the cap is unlocked and bottle is squeezed.
* Easy to grip bottle with ergonomic shape.
* 500ml liquid capacity
* Thermal for 4 hours
* Max Temp: 75c
* Dishwasher safe
* BPA free
* Weight: 160g