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Campagnolo Shamal Ultra C17 Clincher Wheels

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The new Shamal Ultra C17 represents the same fantastic performance that has made it THE go-to aluminium race wheel for the better part of two decades while adding even more versatility and performance.

The new, wider profile means the C17 standard is perfect for use with the increasingly popular 25/28mm tyre sizes. The new rim/tyre interface proves to be more aerodynamic when compared to the same size tyres mated to a C15 rim.

USB Bearings are ceramic which vastly reduces the weight and greatly improves the smoothness of the bearings. The ceramic ball bearings inside also mean that maintenance will be far less common and it has a much higher resistance to corrosion than standard bearings.

The Mega-G3 Spoke pattern is a type of spoke assembly that improves energy transfer between the hub, which reduces stress on the right-hand side which in turn increases the rigidity of the wheel. This is achieved by having twice as many spokes as the left-hand side.

The new C17 also allows for a more sure-footed grip in addition to increased comfort while increasing rigidity and thus reactivity at the same time thanks to its wider stance and optimized material usage.


* Toroidal Milling reduces the peripheral weight of the rim for great reactivity
* Dynamic Balance where every point of the rim is counterbalanced by an equal weight on the opposite side
* Ultra-Fit for easy tyre mounting and improved performance
* MOMAG: the external rim profile is free of holes, so the structural integrity of the wheel is increased and there is no need for rim tape
* Differentiated rim height, 27mm front & 30mm rear for optimized structural integrity and performance
* Carbon hub with USB bearings, aluminium axle
* Aerodynamic aluminium spokes with exclusive Mega-G3 spoke pattern
* Weight: 1449g for Clincher (CA) for Campagnolo, (SH) for Shimano


The Shamal Mille Wheel is entirely hand built by a specialised Campagnolo technician and is checked in every tiny detail with electronic tools. This ensures that every wheel conforms to the high standards that Campagnolo pride themselves and will have unbeatable reliability.

**Tech Specs**


* Spoke Count: 16 Front and 21 (G3) Rear
* RDB - Rim Dynamic Balance
* Aerodynamic Double-Butted Aluminium spokes
* Ultraliner / DRSC Geometry
* Self-Locking Aluminium nipples


* Profile Height: Differentiated (24/27mm at the front - 27/30mm at the rear
* Material: Aluminium
* Rim Section: (Height/width): differentiated/22mm


* Carbon and aluminium hub
* USB bearings
* Width: 100mm (Front) / 130mm (Rear)
* Oversize flange
* Cup-and-cone bearing system
* Freehub: CA 9/10/11/12x, SH 11x or 9/10x with spacers

**In The Box**

* New, re-designed quick-release skewers
* User Manual
* Warranty Booklet
* Campagnolo Wheel Identification Card