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Campagnolo Ekar 13x Cassettes

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**Please ensure you have a 13x compatible wheelset to be use this product**

Campagnolo’s considerations behind the available gearing ratios smooth shifting is fundamental to the design of Ekar’s gravel and all-road specific cassettes. 13 sprockets make the logic of a road 1 x system possible. And it’s the introduction of the 9-tooth cog that makes Ekar work so perfectly for gravel and all-road riding. Not only is a wide range of gear ratios possible, but natural, progressive cadence-matching shifts are maintained, offering a uniquely satisfying ride.

The range of gears offered by these cassettes match or exceed any 2x system with no wastage. Closer low gear spacing for smooth cadence progression is matched with wider high gear spacing for top end speed on a 1x13 system.


* 13 speed: full gear range to match or exceed any 2x system with no wastage
* 2-piece block: blends the strength of steel and the light weight of alloy
* Compact: narrow design with quick changes, lightweight and improved chain security


* Designed specifically for Ekar 1x13 groupsets
* Suitable for Gravel and All-Road riding
* Constructed from durable steel and lightweight alloy
* Compatible with the Campagnolo N3W freehub body
* Three options available: 9/36T, 9/42T, 10/44T
* Weights: 340g (9/36) / 390g (9/42) / 410g (10/44)