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Campagnolo Campagnolo Brevetti Internazionali T-Shirt

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The Campagnolo Brevetti Internazionali T-shirt is an icon and one of its kind. The Campagnolo Brevetti Internazionali logo embodies the essence of Campagnolo history and legend.

The Campagnolo Brevetti Internazionali T-shirt is a jersey designed with the keenest cyclist in mind. With its modern fit and quality materials, it is the ideal garment for any occasion, whether for sport or everyday wear. The Campagnolo Brevetti Internazionali brand is perhaps one of the best-recognized symbols in the world of cycling. Designed and used by Campagnolo since the fifties, it was intended to represent a very important aspect of the company, its visionary approach to both the market with the world in the background and to innovation with the clear writing “brevetti”. The Brevetti Campagnolo T-shirt is made even more striking by the logos on the sleeve and back, the Campagnolo tag on the front stitching and the exclusive inside label that tells the story of how Tullio Campagnolo came up with the first quick-release.


* Campagnolo Brevetti Internazionali logo on the front
* Shield on right sleeve and collar
* Campagnolo rainbow tag on front stitching
* Inside label with the story of the invention of the first quick-release
* Soft quality fabric
* Modern fit
* Available in 3 colours: Melange Grey and Campagnolo Blue