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Bike to Work Cycle Schemes

Save Big with Tax-Free Cycling

Flag Bikes supports the three biggest ride-to-work schemes in the UK: Cyclescheme, Bike2Work Scheme, and the Green Commute Initiative (GCI).


Click on the logos below for full details of how each scheme works, but broadly speaking, the steps you follow are:


1) Check that your employer is registered with one of these schemes.

2) Visit Flag Bikes to choose your bike+accessories and take away a completed quote form.

3) Enter the details on the form into the provider’s web site.

4) Wait for your HR department to approve the quote.

5) Receive a PDF voucher for you to spend at Flag Bikes.


Looking forward to seeing you in store!


NB - Unfortunately, because of the approx 10% we pay for zero-interest finance and redeeming cycle scheme vouchers, we cannot accept these forms of payment for sale items or we end up losing money! :-(. Thanks for your understanding! Team Flag Bikes


The biggest scheme in the UK. If your employer has a scheme, the chances are that it is with these guys.


The snappy underdog and a Flag Bikes favourite. Give these guys your business if you can!


Yet another bike scheme that we support. Not to be confused with Halfords' "Cycle2Work" Scheme, which we don't :-)