How do you pronounce Cinelli?

It’s very common for us English-as-a-first-language folks is to pronounce “Cinelli” wrongly.

So, how do you pronounce Cinelli?

How do you pronounce Cinelli?

Most English speaking people pronounce it “Sinelli”. This is wrong – and won’t win you any points from your Italian friends!

Just like “Ciao”, the “c” is pronounced “ch” as in “church” and “chain”.

This video gives you an idea, but watch this space, and we’ll see if we can get a recording from one of our Cinelli family friends in Milan!

How to sing “Ciao, Cinelli”!

Now for a bit of fun!

This is our friend Hoton singing his, highly addictive hit, “Il Canzone Ciao”.

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