Genesis Day One 10 2018

Size Guide

For a lot of people, commuting by bike is about one thing: simplicity. You want a bike that just works, and doesn’t require constant tweaking to keep on the road. The Day One 10 is all about getting you where you need to be with the minimum fuss possible. Straight out of the box it is possibly the ultimate urban machine, with a singlespeed drivetrain, mudguards as standard and a Mjölnir frame that’s so sturdy it’ll be sitting in someone’s shed so far into the future that we will have all started to commute on hoverboards.

Resplendent in blue for 2018, the Day One is the one bike you’ll need for commuting. No backup options required.

One speed to rule them all! With optimised 'just right' gearing (67 gear inches for those curious) that provides a happy medium for urban landscapes, the Day One 10 is perhaps the ideal low-maintenance, simplified daily workhorse for inner city jaunts. We've left ample room for full-length 'guards for year-round, dry bottom commuting and equipped it with inclement weather-proof disc brakes to ensure confidence-inspiring, stop-on-a-dime braking performance!